When the time comes having class elections, Zoey and you will Chase nominate both to own classification chairman

Since Lola works on a white smear campaign against Pursue, in advance of Quinn comes in support Mark Del Figgalo. If you find yourself from the dinner, the 3 female battle over some chocolates cake before Quinn shows that Zoey and you can Pursue was generally tied regarding race. Immediately after lunch, girls pick Logan are offering 100 % free smoothies to bolster service to have Pursue, causing tension amongst the guys therefore the females. If girls take a look at ballots once again, Quinn pulls their interest to an excellent slanderous industrial up against Pursue, apparently from Zoey, turning folks up against her. In the future after, Pursue will come give and you can acknowledges the guy made the economical before shedding out from the competition, Zoey after the match. In the settee after, individuals observe Mark’s greeting address.

Haunted Family

Lola try absent contained in this occurrence. (There’s a possibility you to she didn’t look at the troubled domestic party as a consequence of her concern with members of costumes, once the found from inside the Zoey’s Balloon.)

Crappy Woman

Once Logan and you will Michael was dispersed by the a skunk, they drink several cans of tomato juices to attempt to treat scent. When Lola comes to their dorm in order to obtain things, she informs him or her that they have been meant to bathe on the fruit juice. Lola afterwards performs a-game from foosball against Zoey simply for Pursue in order to interrupt the video game and remove the fresh new «foosball baseball», being forced to communicate with Zoey. Just after Zoey had ended the partnership ranging from Dustin and Trisha, the girls got a study training in which Lola alarmingly listed Quinn’s case are disintegrating as a result of their skunk repellant. Quinn following advised girls that she got dispersed Logan and Michael out of top to bottom making the fresh four to uncover you to definitely both are nude somewhere to your campus.

Broadcast Views

Whenever Nicole’s appeal so you’re able to males initiate interfering with the woman training, Lola and Quinn hypnotize the woman and then make her come across the sexy boy since the girl dad while making her not able to even evaluate him or her, let alone score distracted.

Female Was Males

Down seriously to their unique roof becoming the incorrect to have sunshine-sunbathing, Lola, Zoey, and you may Nicole make use of the guys’ dormitory simply for Micheal and Logan for her or him removed, saying that boys need a location to just «become males» away from ladies. After a failed tanning concept themselves roof, girls skirt Lola upwards as the «Steve» to see if males do act in another way instead girls doing. Whether or not Lola is able to deceive someone, the woman disguise appear apart whenever forced towards pond. Once the females explain everything, he is welcome right back to your boys’ roof where folk questions in which Quinn are.

Robot Battles

In the event that Research Pub pressures the latest gang to help you a robot competition, Lola drawings a robotic plan situated off their recommendations, having Quinn build it. Whenever Logan produces a tale within Quinn’s expenses however, she ends building the new robot. Rather, the fresh new six generate Kilometers Brody to get rid of building it simply for its bot to shed. Lola remembers not that laws and regulations exclude any robot off being more than 36 inches tall, on the Dean out-of Research guaranteeing that the claw modification are illegal entitling new group to help you a good rematch. Quinn up coming arrives, hurt but trying to find revenge towards the Technology Bar, that have a robot you to with ease beats the fresh Technology Club’s. Later on one to nights, the whole group goes toward apologize in order to Quinn.

Lola Such as Chase

Shortly after becoming told one she’s a deep failing biology, Lola keeps Chase teacher the girl (in exchange for how to use caffmos a pie) where the guy seems to has actually the girl eradicate the subject such an pretending role, allowing their so you can quickly pick up the material. Consequently, Lola increases a beneficial crush to your Pursue inquiring your aside shortly after Zoey states it’s alright. Fulfilling upwards from the girl’s couch, Lola attempts to snuggle up with Pursue just for your to help you begin to experience a can you Instead, and therefore Lola finds dumb. When it will get clear in order to Lola one Chase doesn’t have romantic accessories towards the their, she amicably comes to an end this new go out, figuring out the guy wants anybody else and you can encouraging your in order to pursue the girl.