They assured to reside with her once matrimony

Chitoge decides to not come back to Bonyari with Raku Ichijo while the she rather then their community given that designer under recommendations off Hana Kirisaki’s (Chitoge’s mommy) acquaintance, traveling all over the world. Raku and you will Chitoge decide to wed in the end therefore are revealed that it hadn’t kissed actually once up to just before the wedding.

Since it is impossible getting Raku to maneuver to other country, aside from travelling all over the world, due to their occupation given that civil slave and you will Yakuza frontrunner, it may be presumed one Chitoge settled inside Bonyari as well (on the other hand together mommy exactly who primarily real time split regarding the woman husband).

The newest omake raises your reader in order to Haku Ichijo (Chitoge’s boy), just who does not appear to be good with others and it has a good comparable trouble with the brand new Shuei clan just like the their dad performed. The guy has blond tresses such as his mom’s. They are viewed attending Bonyari Senior high school and seemingly have drawn a liking so you can Sasa Miyanagi (Kosaki Onodera’s daughter).

Performance [ ]

Swimming: Chitoge has proven becoming an excellent swimmer inside chapter 10 where she and you can Raku are anticipate to teach Kosaki diving. Chitoge swims the entire pond in only fifteen mere seconds leading to Raku to declare that the woman is also complex to educate Kosaki correctly. Ironically, she immediately following drown away from cramp whenever she ran swimming without home heating-up basic. Raku after that spared the woman.

Top Person Electricity: Chitoge are coached thinking-cover since the children, honed of the the girl habit of using their mafia professionals. The girl blows and kicks for the Raku are incredibly strong, netting the woman the brand new nickname «Gorilla Woman» out of Raku, even though they are noticed a lot more given that good ‘joke’. It electricity, not, try proven actual inside the Kyushu/Marika’s arch, when she is viewed effective at putting Raku (a man off large posture than her) that floors up.

Above-Mediocre Power: Chitoge has never been seen tired from exercises, capable work at on steady rate beside Raku (who is powering having full work despite individuals barrier).

Above-Mediocre Speed: Chitoge is seen without difficulty hiking structures, coming from inside the from windows on a few days. She together with leapt more than a wall structure you to definitely Raku had said is actually way too high for anyone to go on their very first conference.

Above-Mediocre Intelligence: Chitoge is commonly said as the gifted and you may prodigious; she will obtain a good grades actually without much energy. Element of this is exactly attributed to this lady past studies from inside the best university out-of United states, although not she is seen capable of Hana’s operate in 50 % of time when fellow People in america you desire three days.

Effective Kcalorie burning: Chitoge is also sit narrow even with eating so much, whilst the part she takes are often exaggerated while the a joke.

Working with Animals: Though there are some dogs which hate Chitoge, age.g: Marika’s parrot, and you will a puppy she once found (whom disliked the girl here at first but came to like the lady), she actually is been shown to be most able with pet. Eg, she is listed for already been caring for good capybara at the an animal safeguards for a while, and you can indexed as a professional by Raku Ichijou when she averted an effective crocodile out of with a tantrum.

Fatigue [ ]

Preparing enjoy: From the collection, Chitoge is actually shown to create issues that will always dreadful from inside the appearance, nevertheless liking are going to be similarly terrible/inedible otherwise miraculously juicy. The essential highlight is actually part 116, where she attempts to outclass Marika Tachibana by conquering the lady cooking but ends up which have so many failures. It absolutely was found you to the lady cooking will get juicy when she tends to make it having Raku at heart, or when she causes it to be and him.